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No doubt you’ve heard of (and probably worn) Hanesbrands (HBI) products, observes senior research analyst Daniel Creechin in Frank Curzio's advisory service, The Dollar Stock Club.
Recent cyberattacks have demonstrated the fragility of the systems we have in place to protect everything from our water supplies to our electricity grids. Even sensitive government networks are vulnerable to hackers, observes Gordon Pape, editor of Internet Wealth Builder.
A good way to participate in an expected rise in the stock market at a time when risks are rising, is to emphasize all-weather stocks, suggests Jim Powell, editor of Global Changes & Opportunities Report.
The market is in constant search of balance, which means a price where both the bulls and bears feel there is value in placing a trade. They need to believe that they will make money, states Al Brooks of
Our list of The Timely Ten stocks represents our top ten recommendations from the Undervalued category of blue chips as of each issue of our newsletter, explains Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.
While we must always be braced for downside volatility, we like the long-term prospects of our portfolios of undervalued stocks. We think valuations for equities are attractive, including these automakers, observes Jason Clark, a value investing specialist and contributing editor to The Prudent Speculator.
Higher inflation also will be with us for a while, despite the Fed’s assurances that it is transitory, suggests Bob Carlson, a specialist in retirement investing and editor of the aptly-named, Retirement Watch.
Lockheed Martin (LMT) is the world’s largest defense company; about 60% of its revenues comes from the U.S. Department of Defense, notes Ben Reynolds, growth and income specialist and editor of Sure Passive Income.
Robots are here and they are only going to continue to become more popular., explains Kelley Green, contributing editor to Weiss Ratings Daily, an advisory service from investing expert Martin Weiss.
Bears are in deep trouble. The S&P 500 opened broadly lower to start the week and many equity pessimists must have thought it was the beginning of a nasty October surprise. It didn’t work out that way, says Jon Markman, growth-stock specialist and editor of Strategic Advantage.

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The last three months of the year are a seasonally strong time of year. October and early November will be benefitting from wave after wave of positive third quarter sales and earnings announcements. Typically, the stock market, especially small capitalization stocks, rally into Thanksgiving, which is a "happy time of year" when we gather with friends and family. Essentially, when consumers are happy, it rubs off and helps boost investor sentiment. This holiday sentiment continues in December, which is also seasonally a good month. Due to these factors, Louis Navellier is expecting an "early January effect" and a strong year-end rally. During this webinar, he will also reveal his best dividend growth stocks as well as powerful growth stocks that he expects will perform well the upcoming months.
<p>Knowing when to own stocks, commodities, currency, or bonds at any time, in any market trend, is a powerful edge. We discuss strategies that allow profiting in rising and falling markets no matter the volatility with only a few trades a year. Big trends don't happen often, but they give huge profits. Moreover, in the coming years, we will see massive rotations in the markets. Get ready to profit when others panic!</p>
Have you ever had this deep gut feeling that there MUST be more to money than was taught in school? By your parents, friends, or colleagues? How do the super elite, super rich, and wealthy keep growing their wealth generation after generation? How can I make my money work harder for ME? Yes, Brent Kesler too. Then he discovered the power of The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and put this concept to work for his family. Mr. Kesler will show you how he paid off $984,711 in third-party debt, paid down expenses, and is now recycling and recapturing ALL of his money for anything and everything he buys in life. It's time to break the bonds of financial slavery you don't even realize you are in.
<p>Sophisticated investors understand no asset or approach is guaranteed. But there are a few fundamental principles that can put odds of success on your side, no matter what the market does. Jonathan Hoenig has been a professional investor since 1999 and boasts a 20-year track record that beats the S&P 500. A Fox News contributor, his latest book is <em>Price Is Primary: How to Profit with Any Asset in Any Market at Any Time</em></p>.
What psychological manipulations are used to persuade you to invest your capital into an unknown opportunity? Will those techniques be effective on you? Do you think you're too smart to fall prey to these manipulations? Join Bryan Ellis, publisher of <em>Accredited IQ </em>Magazine, as he reveals the shocking truth about how investors&#8212;including very smart ones like you&#8212;are routinely the victims of very sophisticated persuasion and psychological manipulation techniques that are designed to separate you from your money. You'll see these techniques demonstrated in a safe environment so you can know what to watch for, and how to protect yourself against one of the greatest risks to your portfolio: Psychological misinformation.
Barry Ritholtz is the creator and host of the groundbreaking <em>Masters in Business</em> podcast, the most popular podcast/show on Bloomberg Radio. For over a decade, he has had in-depth conversations with many of the most accomplished, fascinating people in business and finance. In this behavioral discussion, Mr. Ritholtz will share some insights as to some of the biggest mistakes made by the high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors, and the lessons we can learn from them.
<p>Over half of the S&P500 is at or near junk bond status, including a lot of insurance companies, brokerages, and banks. With interest rates at zero, you have to enter speculative status to earn anything above 3%. Bonds are illiquid and negative yielding. There is an opportunity risk with locking yourself into a low-yielding investment. How old will you be in 30 or 40 years, when your bonds are set to mature? What can your broker sell you in this environment when you ask for safety? How do you get safe in an overleveraged, low-interest world?</p><p>Debt has been a huge issue in stocks, too, with growth tripling the returns of value stocks over the three-year period. Join Natalie Pace to learn 10 under-reported risks of traditionally "safe" assets and 10 strategies for protecting and growing your wealth in a world where bonds can be illiquid and negative-yielding, growth has tripled the returns of value and small caps are underperforming.</p>
<p>The markets have had an incredible run this year, but things are changing. The S&P and Nasdaq are trading well off their recent lifetime highs. Inflation is in the daily headlines and the investment community is worried. Many talking heads are forecasting a 20%+ correction before the end of the year.</p><p>In spite of all the talk about higher rates, individual investors are still stuck in a zero-rate environment. Those looking for income have to take unreasonable risks that subject their capital to large losses in a market downturn.</p><p>During this presentation, Mike Turner will show you how he uses yield plus growth to target a goal of generating 7% to 10% in a strong dividend portfolio. He will go over his equity selection process, his downside protection process, and the diversification strategy that he uses in his proprietary "Diversified Income Strategy" model portfolio.</p><p>After the presentation has ended, join Mr. Turner for a special Zoom conference during which he will answer your questions.</p>
History hints that due to a variety of milestones set earlier in the year - including the number of new all-time highs through February, the Q1 2021 low not eclipsing the December 2020 low, and a top-20 first half return for the S&P 500 Q4 2021 will likely record a higher-than&#8211;average full year return. Indeed, the S&P 500 typically saves the best for last. Whether looking at all years since 1945, or just first&#8211;year of the 16&#8211;quarter presidential cycle, the S&P 500 recorded its highest average price change in Q4, as well as its highest frequency of price gains. However, investors will need to hang on tight during the typically tumultuous ride in October, which saw 36% higher volatility when compared with the average for the other 11 months. Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist at CFRA Research will discuss his outlook for the remainder of 2021 and his preliminary prognosis for 2022.
There is a new kind of private market evolving around us at this very instant. As it matures, so do the opportunities for profitable exits for savvy investors. Jason Williams, founder of the Main Street Ventures investment advisory, discusses deal sourcing in the 21st century and the often-overlooked opportunities that can be found in equity-based crowdfunding. He will introduce you to several portals where founders come to you with their investment rounds as well as share some of his top open opportunities with you. You'll also get a special offer to join his community of like-minded investors and get access to all his future recommendations.



While the mechanisms and machinations of the markets have changed a lot since Benjamin Graham first devised a practical method for analyzing stocks, or even since Peter Lynch racked up big wins picking equities for Fidelity's Magellan Fund, one thing remains true: companies that deliver constant profits for shareholders will see their share prices increase.

Lofty current valuations show that the easy money has already been made, and those looking to profit should be more selective going forward. So which sectors will lead the market over the months ahead? What’s the best way to limit risk in the current environment? You will find the answers to these questions and more from the top industry professionals on these pages, unlike watching the stock market news on TV. Going beyond the stock market news today, many investors are searching for investments that they can depend on. Of course, there's no such thing as a sure bet, but the top experts featured here will share the picks they think are the next best things and the sectors that are bound to thrive in the days and months ahead.

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