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We last bought Memphis-based AutoZone (AZO) in October and sold in December, notes David Fried, a specialist in stock buybacks and editor of aptly named, The Buyback Letter.
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the migration from brick-and-mortar shopping to e-commerce and 1-800-Flowers (FLWS) was positioned perfectly to benefit, observes Douglas Gerlach, editor of Investor Advisory Service.
BlackRock (BLK) provides investment management, risk management, and advisory services for institutional and retail clients worldwide, explains Stephen Biggar, with Argus Research — a leading independent Wall Street research firm.
Jacobs Engineering (J) carries our highest investment recommendation of 5-STARS, or Strong Buy, notes analyst Elizabeth Vermillion in CFRA Research's flagship newsletter, The Outlook.
Summer volatility is here. That can be an opportunity for patient investors, says Jason Bodner of’s radar for August 2021.
Vocera Communications (VCRA) revolves around modernizing the way healthcare professionals communicate, explains Hilary Kramer, growth stock expert and editor of GameChangers.
Sponsored Content - What is the most critical part for the manufacture of an aircraft like the Boeing 777, asks Mike Adams, president and principal, Adams Financial Concepts, LLC?
To say this is a tricky market is like stating the obvious, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
Congratulations to Neal Macneale; this month marks 25 years of publication of his 2-for-1 newsletter. Here, the split expert continues his monthly look at announced splits and selects one stock to be addd to his 2-for-1 model portfolio.
Headquartered in San Ramon, California, The Cooper Companies, Inc. (COO) is a global medical device company; it it has more than 12,000 products sold in over 100 countries, notes David Fried, editor of The Buyback Letter.

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Warren Buffet slept well knowing that his shaving equity was protected by over one billion men growing their beards each night. That was 16 years ago, and whisker removal remains a reliable business. But despite new entrants the landscape is eerily unchanged. Enter Shavelogic: disruptive innovation, global IP, and scalable competitive advantage.
The Fed and Treasury Department has dug a hole they cannot escape. Essentially, we followed Europe and are now conducting Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which is unlimited money printing. With a $30 trillion federal deficit and the interest burden now greater than the Defense Department budget, the Fed is in a conundrum. The net result will be low interest rates for the rest of our lifetimes and eventually negative interest rates, just like Europe. Inflation has spun out of control and growth stocks will be a great oasis, as is residential real estate. Louis Navellier will reveal his best dividend growth stocks and other stocks that should be great inflation hedges.

With the recent acquisition of GWPH by Jazz Pharmaceuticals, many investors are wondering who might follow in their footsteps. Skye Bioscience (SKYE) has the right set-up—and advantages—to not just follow GW's leadership but carve a new path. SKYE is working to solve the world's leading cause of irreversible blindness by applying advanced science to uniquely unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and create important new pharmaceutical medicines. The lead program targets glaucoma, a disease with no cure and the world's leading cause of irreversible blindness. Preclinical data has demonstrated that SKYE's lead molecule, THCVHS, provides superior lowering of intraocular pressure, a key cause of vision loss, compared to the top commercially marketed classes of drugs that represent 80% of a nearly $7 billion market opportunity. With key value driving milestone and catalyst on the horizon SKYE is poised for significant growth.
Tom Smith will provide an overview of WRAP Technologies and how it is helping improve policing and law enforcement globally by providing tools that reduce the use of force to apprehend subjects. He will discuss WRAP's current technologies, the BolaWrap remote restraint device and WRAP Reality simulation-based training platform, as well as the growing market interest both in the US and internationally, new and extended BolaWrap pilot programs, and successful police field uses preventing escalation of force. He will also talk about WRAP's strong first-quarter 2021 financial results and operating metrics.
A major driver of cancer is defects in the switches that turn the biochemical pathways in cells on and off. Most cancer research over the past 30 years has focused on the on switches because the off switches, especially the master off switch protein phosphatase (PP2A), were believed to cause intolerable toxicity in patients. Lixte has achieved a breakthrough with its novel, first-in-class lead compound, PP2A inhibitor LB-100, by demonstrating that it is readily tolerated in cancer patients at doses associated with anti-cancer activity. This innovative approach encourages cancer cells, weakened by chemo or other cancer therapies, to continue to replicate, leading to the more efficient death and elimination of those cells from the body.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp.'s proprietary drug delivery technology, DehydraTECHTM, has repeatedly demonstrated, with cannabinoids and nicotine, the ability to increase bio-absorption by up to 5-10x, reduce time of onset from 1-2 hours to just minutes, and mask unwanted tastes since 2016. DehydraTECHTM is being evaluated for orally administered bioactive molecules, including anti-virals, cannabinoids, vitamins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and nicotine.

Some of Lexaria's 2021 applied research and development milestones include:

  • HYPER-A21-2 - DehydraTECHTM formulations deliver the strongest absorption enhancement results the company has ever recorded, at 2,708% more CBD into bloodstream during the study period than the representative industry standard MCT control formulation.
  • VIRAL-C21-3 - Determined antiviral drugs processed with DehydraTECHTM were effective at inhibiting the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • VIRAL-A20-2 - Circulating drug levels in the bloodstream that are twice or even three-times higher with DehydraTECHTM than without.

Biotech Covid-19 vaccine development has demonstrated the power of biotech to change the world and make handsome returns for investors. With the Delta variant wrecking devastation worldwide, join this presentation to discover what's next. Can an oral vaccine be the difference maker to finally tame Covid-19?
Join JC Parets as he goes through a series of charts—both international and domestic, stocks and ETFs, commodities and currencies—to identify the world's most important trends. From there he will show you how to identify which tools and strategies are best served for the current environment. Using this strategy, which he calls the Top-Down Approach, you can find the best trades with the most favorable risk vs. reward profiles.
There are clearly defined cycles of value and growth styles outperforming. Erin Gibbs will explain what underlying characteristics drive those cycles, what economic and market parameters suggest are most conducive for the styles to outperform, and how a core investor can leverage these cycles.
Investment clubs have helped friends, family members, and co-workers to learn about investing in the stock market for more than 80 years in the US. In the process, many of these clubs have found the keys to successful investing. In this session, Doug Gerlach, author of Investment Clubs for Dummies, will present an overview of how clubs form and operate, and the strategies they typically use in their quest to outperform the market.



While the mechanisms and machinations of the markets have changed a lot since Benjamin Graham first devised a practical method for analyzing stocks, or even since Peter Lynch racked up big wins picking equities for Fidelity's Magellan Fund, one thing remains true: companies that deliver constant profits for shareholders will see their share prices increase.

Lofty current valuations show that the easy money has already been made, and those looking to profit should be more selective going forward. So which sectors will lead the market over the months ahead? What’s the best way to limit risk in the current environment? You will find the answers to these questions and more from the top industry professionals on these pages, unlike watching the stock market news on TV. Going beyond the stock market news today, many investors are searching for investments that they can depend on. Of course, there's no such thing as a sure bet, but the top experts featured here will share the picks they think are the next best things and the sectors that are bound to thrive in the days and months ahead.

The current market environment is particularly well-suited for stock pickers and stock-trading experts—especially the experts featured here whose careers are devoted to uncovering the best opportunities available in even the most rapidly changing environment. Get easy access to the nation’s leading stock experts who regularly share their takes on where market trends are headed, where to find bargains, and how to stay ahead of the curve.

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