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Market crashes cause fear in many, but others see opportunity. Conditions can quickly change, and that’s why it’s so important to garner as much knowledge as possible from experts who have proven themselves over numerous market cycles. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of market forces, insights into the risks and opportunities most investors miss, and learn how to position your portfolio accordingly.

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A funny thing happened on the road to soaring internet rates...lower interest rates, explains Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.
With the pandemic receding, interest rates near record lows and governments introducing multi-trillion fiscal stimulus around the globe, it shouldn’t be a long wait for the oil industry outlook to improve, suggests Mark Skousen in his specialty service, Home Run Trader.
Looking back to the early part of last week, we all saw something that should not shock anyone who is actually thinking in an intellectually honest manner about the market, states Avi Gilburt of
Transocean (RIG) RIG offers offshores contract drilling services for oil and gas wells; it specializes in technically demanding regions of the world, with a particular focus on ultra-deepwater and harsh environment drilling, explains Michael Brush, editor of Brush Up on Stocks.
Over the past 120 years, the U.S. has spent 29% of this time in a recession. But in recent decades, the economy has only been in a recession 14% of the time, so they haven’t been that common, observes Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, editors of The Aden Forecast.
Supply tightness is everywhere you look. We have asphalt shortages in Texas, we have tightness of grain supply, aluminum shortages in China, copper tightness as well, says Phil Flynn of the PRICE Futures Group.
The week ahead will be dominated by earnings with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft among the 165 S&P 500 (SPX) firms reporting, explains Ian Murphy of
Here in the U.S., crude oil stockpiles are low and getting lower, falling six weeks in a row. Recently, we had the biggest four-week draw-down on oil stocks that America has seen in the last 40 years, asserts Sean Brodrick, editor of Wealth Megatrends.
At the start of the week, markets looked with panic into the abyss of another covid crisis, says Adam Button of
Current macroeconomic factors make a strong case for surging prices and demand for commodities, particularly oil and gas, asserts Rida Morwa, editor of High Dividend Opportunities.

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Join Founder, Galiano Tiramani, as he discusses why the construction industry is ripe for disruption and how Boxabl will lead the change.
With any investment you make it is important to understand who you are investing with and where you are investing. During this presentation you will learn much more than that. You will learn why you should invest in Trust Deeds at Ignite Funding, when is a good time to invest in real estate, what exactly you are investing in, and how you can earn double-digit returns in real estate.

Everyone knows you can make a ton of money in real estate. The hard part is figuring out how you can be part of that. You have a successful career, a family, and no extra time. That's why many accredited investors choose to passively invest in multifamily real estate with firm like KRI.

KRI invests in value-add multifamily projects in B and C class neighborhoods in central and northern Florida with a goal of earning extraordinary risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Join this session to learn more about how and why multifamily real estate can be such a profitable investment that can produce extraordinary risk adjusted returns and why you may want to add it to your investment portfolio.

Join First National Realty Partners' managing principal and co-founder, Chris Palermo, to discover how you can invest in daily-needs, grocery-anchored retail shopping centers. He will review FNRP's unique tenant-centric, value-added investment philosophy and show you how you can get involved in its most recent Kroger-anchored offering in one of the hottest markets in the country.
Global maritime shipping sectors have performed exceptionally well in 2021 as investor attention returns to global recovery trends. Several segments of the global logistics industry are enjoying near-record profits and cash flows with the outlook improving further into 2022 and beyond. J Mintzmyer, a renowned global maritime shipping expert, will walk investors through the key segments of the industry and share insights about which areas and companies are best positioned both for ongoing recovery trades and also for potential long-term investments. Join for the latest global trade commentary as well as an educational seminar on a fascinating, but often overlooked, key segment of the global economy.
Join First National Realty Partners' managing principal and co-founder, Anthony Grosso, to discover how you can invest in daily-needs, grocery-anchored retail shopping centers. He will review FNRP's unique tenant-centric, value-added investment philosophy and show you how you can get involved in its most recent Kroger-anchored offering in one of the hottest markets in the country.
Texas is booming, and it is just getting started, which makes Texas a great place to invest in real estate. Learn how and why BV Capital invests in Texas real estate and what it can do for your portfolio. The company's projects include multifamily, student housing, industrial net lease, office, single-family lot development, and mixed-use projects. Rob Anderson will talk about each of these with active deals and case studies, and what unique benefits investing in each of these property types offer investors.
Austin, Texas continues to outperform the nation in jobs, capital, and technology advancement. Texas remains a national leader for commercial real estate. Multifamily apartments are a hard asset that experienced investors seek for positive investment returns. Join Presario Ventures' principal, Darin Davis, as he highlights the attraction and opportunities for Multifamily real estate in his hometown, Austin, Texas.
Emerald Health Therapeutics is committed to creating new consumer and patient experiences with specialty recreational, medical, and wellness-oriented cannabinoid products. The company is focused on science-based innovation and product excellence, leveraging competencies in scientific know-how and research and development. Emerald is serving consumers and patients in Canada and establishing partnerships that extend its product lines and international reach.


Cruises’s renowned market experts help you go beyond the latest market news to unravel the effects of geopolitical events on the global economy, analyze the current market environment to identify hot spots for potential investments, and discern the long-term market and economic trends and opportunities around the world.

There are no sure-shot techniques for market forecasting and analysis. If one were developed, it wouldn’t work for long, since as everyone applied it, its foundation would change significantly. There’s an excess of data in the world today, so the trick is to spot the one or two key variables in a specific time. They could be Fed policy, consumer behavior, foreign trade wars, etc. Any these factors could change, sometimes several times, throughout the year. That’s why it’s important to keep up with market news and the ever-changing conditions. For a framework to add value, it must entail market-moving events that have a good chance of occurring, but are not yet within the consensus.

Research has consistently shown that Investors are more surprised by bear than bull markets, and economic and financial market downturns unfold faster than upswings. Successful investing entails studying varying perspectives, then folding in history, experiences, hunches—and great timing. The goal is to identify the significant but undiscounted aspects of the outlook. This is where the true opportunities for investors lie and where our experts excel.

We feature more than just stock market news. Our expert contributors are renowned investing and trading veterans who have survived—and thrived—in all kinds of market conditions and they share in-depth intelligence about the markets and the catalysts driving them to help you chart your path to growth and prosperity in any market environment.

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