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Not A Roth and with the full blessing of the IRS
Now trading on the OTCQB, BioHarvest Sciences uses its patented BIO Plant Cellicitation platform to grow plant cells without growing the plant. CEO Ilan Sobel will focus on how the technology platform is now being commercialized, with its VINIA nutraceutical product about to scale in the US and forecast to sell more than $5M USD in 2022. In addition, Ilan will provide great detail on the Company's North America Entry Strategy with its disruptive Cannabis proposition which addresses the major challenges facing cannabis operators in the North American market; specifically, the need to drive innovative product experiences with delivering consistent full spectrum cannabis at lower manufacturing costs with unique sustainability credentials. Now is the time for investors to discover BioHarvest!
Harry will demonstrate how gaining knowledge from his 55 years of analyzing repeating patterns will enhance your trading profits. Learn to identify the best pattern setups to maximize your wins, and how and where to set targets and stops.

When the broad market goes down, what do you buy? Weiss Ratings Analyst Sean Brodrick gives you his favorite funds and dividend stocks that pay you to own them! These stocks will give you plenty of padding when the market tumbles lower and can bounce even higher when the rebound comes.
Wyckoff's unique approach to technical analysis has survived into the modern era and still works amazingly. Inna Rosputnia, CEO of Managed Accounts IR, shares her modernized version of Wyckoff's strategy. Join us to learn more about strategy, entries, and tools to reduce risks and increase the winning rate.
The 2022 bear market arrived shortly after the retail trading boom of 2020 and 2021. Many new traders had entered the financial markets during the pandemic lockdowns. The fast V-shaped recovery of the financial markets in March 2020 benefited many traders and investors but left many novice traders with the impression that the markets are always easy to trade in. In 2022, the bear market began and brought unseen trading challenges for less-experienced traders. Today, dip buying no longer works and rallies do not hold sufficiently for profit taking. The market rallies in the morning and then dives in the afternoon (or vice versa). Breakouts fail. Moving average crossovers do not function. The chop is dreadful and it becomes hard to determine direction. Traps are everywhere. If you buy, the market goes down; if you sell short, the market goes up. And if you do nothing, you miss out on amazing moves. How do you prevent this bear market from slowly eating your previous years' profits? Andrew Aziz will discuss this critical topic in a webinar geared to help both new and experienced traders benefit from all of this continuing volatility.

Please join Bob Doll, chief investment officer of Crossmark Global Investments, a faith-based investment management firm, as he shares his thoughts on the economic and investment outlook for 2022. Bob has been doing his annual ten predictions for more than 30 years with this year's theme being A Tug of War Between Earnings Tailwinds and Valuation Headwinds. Bob continues throughout the year to discuss the key themes included in his predictions which include economic trends, interest rates, inflation, the stock market, and many other important issues.

As "volatility as an asset class" comes to the forefront of new-age investment strategies, it's important to understand the value of the measure and how it can be effectively leveraged. Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt, Nations Indexes Scott Nations, Toroso Investment's Jim Carroll, and Shore Capital Research's Mark Shore for a discussion about the current volatility landscape.
Join trading legend and serial entrepreneur, Tom Sosnoff, for a 30-minute real-time earnings strategy session utilizing the tastyworks platform.
Join Kevin Davitt, Nasdaq's head of index options content, for an evaluation of the relevant trends driving equity prices and the volatility markets. What do they mean for you and your portfolio?

Join popular trading coach Ken Calhoun for a fast-paced look at the very best strategies for day trading momentum stock entries and exits using live markets.

You'll see exactly how to:

  • Choose which chart patterns to trade each morning with easy scanning tips.
  • Trade "meme" stocks like GME, AMC, and more.
  • Set specific entries, stops, and exit targets.
  • Reenter trades after getting shaken out, plus how to add to winners to scale in.
  • Avoid false breakouts and missed entries.
  • Use tape reading to improve your ability to see how strong an entry will be ahead of time.

Avi Gilburt and Garrett Patten from ElliottWaveTrader identify the key sectors and select stocks that could benefit from the market's bounce off its recent bottom, while also discussing the generational top forming in the bigger picture on their charts.

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