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Transparency, diversification, and low-cost access to practically any market, sector, or asset class make exchange traded funds highly attractive to investors and traders alike. But, to outperform benchmark index funds, you really need expert guidance and a sound strategy that gets results. Our experts will cover all the bases and provide the tools and knowledge you need to tap into outperforming investments, year in and year out.

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The $1.9 trillion stimulus plan is nearing the finish line. House legislators just passed their version. The Senate is debating it now, and President Biden hopes to have a final bill to sign by March 14, asserts Mike Larson, editor of Safe Money Report.
High-yield bonds have never paid less. Which is too bad, because let's be honest -- dividends are the reason we income investors wade in "junk bond" waters in the first place, suggests Brett Owens, income expert and chief investment strategist at Contrarian Outlook.
Technology is always evolving, and smart investors can take advantage of the changes. But if you’ve already been through the dot-com bust and the 2008/2009 economic collapse, it’s understandable that you might be wary of “new” technology, like 5G, explains Nancy Zambell, editor of Financial Freedom Federation.
Short-term risk is high, but a selloff would be healthy asserts, John Boyd, mutual fund expert, and contributing editor at Fidelity Monitor & Insight, a leading advisory services focused on the Fidelity family of funds.
Sponsored Content - “Things that have never happened before happen all the time,” wrote Scott Sagan, and while he was referring to mismanagement of nuclear materials, explains Mike Adams of Adams Financial Concepts.
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Dividend Income Fund (ETG) — payer of a 7% dividend today — is a tech fund in all but name, explains Michael Foster, closed-end fund expert and editor of CEF Insider.
Let’s follow the money. If there is going to be a heavy emphasis on infrastructure, then it stands to reason we could use some high-yield exposure for our model portfolio, suggests Bryan Perry, growth and income expert and editor of Cash Machine — and a participant in The Interactive MoneyShow Virtual Expo on February 16-18. Register for free here.   
In his Forbes/Fridson Income Securities Investor newsletter, Marty Fridson focuses on building wealth with bonds, convertibles and preferred. Here's a look at 2 funds that offer yield and diversification within the tech sector.
At first, I didn’t understand or even care about the GameStop (GME) scandal. In my little E-mini/E-micro world, it didn’t affect me much at all, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
Markets don’t like uncertainty, and it looks like there is going to be less uncertainty about fiscal and monetary policy than there has been in years, suggests Bob Carlson, editor of Retirement Watch.

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Successful venture capital investments offer very high returns, but traditional VC funds often require multi-million-dollar minimum investments. Investing in private companies by yourself on SeedInvest or Wefunder takes a huge amount of time and skill. Rolling venture funds, a new structure, offer professional management for a commitment as small as $5,000 a quarter for two years. Learn how these funds work, what you can expect, and how to get started.

This session will focus on the current economic climate under a new Presidential Administration, how new economic policies could change the investment landscape, and how a continued work from home environment, alongside the reopening of the economy, could impact the way you invest in 2021.
For those interested in investing in disruptive technologies, the path can be both rewarding and complex. Capturing the growth of robotics, AI, and healthcare tech requires in-depth research paired with a diversified approach. In this webinar, you'll learn about the companies at the forefront of this technology revolution and how to gain exposure with three unique, global portfolios. Join ROBO Global for a discussion on the best ways for investors to capitalize on the robotics, AI, and healthcare tech revolution.

Join us for a discussion on the latest innovations and time-tested strategies in the ETF arena. Get the lowdown on where to focus your attention in sector specific, thematic, leveraged, long and short, and actively traded ETFs. This savvy panel of industry veterans will share their insights, debate current exchange-traded market trends, and take your questions.
More than 1,000 exchange-traded funds are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange now, but you can invest successfully with as few as just one. Join Rob Carrick of The Globe and Mail to discover proven ideas for building ETF portfolios, whether you're 20 years old or 70.
The movement to clean energy is accelerating. Renewables play an important role in our future. Whether that be solar, wind, geothermal, or hydro. These all driven by the consumer demand and government policies like the Green New Deal. With the goal to create a cleaner and healthier society, countries around the globe are investing heavily in green energy development including areas like clean transportation, energy efficiency, deployment, and R&D. All of this is projected to have significant impact and transform the way we power our lives. Come hear about the growth potential of clean energy and how to access this through a new ETF from BMO (ZCLN) to power the green revolution.
Generating income in today's record low interest rate world is becoming increasingly challenging for investors. In this discussion, Mark Bunting, Host of Uncommon Sense Investor will be joined by panelist from Mackenzie Investments and Horizons ETFs to share their thoughts on how to generate income from investment portfolios in today's low rate, low-income environment.
Michael Cooke, SVP and head of ETFs at Mackenzie Investments, will share his perspective on the importance of yield in a low-rate environment, where yield still can be found, and which opportunities investors should consider when positioning their portfolios using ETFs.
Thematic ETFs—ETFs that provide exposure to macroeconomic or structural trends or potentially new emerging industries—have seen staggering growth in the last year. Join Steve Hawkins, president and CEO of Horizons ETFs as he explains what's driving the growth of thematic ETF investing as well as provides some insight in key investment themes such as cryptocurrencies, emerging technology, and cannabis. Mr. Hawkins will also discuss potentially new thematic ETFs strategies that could be on the horizons for 2021.
Join Jonathan Needham of TD Asset Management as he discusses ESG and investing. He will cover why it's important and how ESG can improve outcomes. Additionally, learn about the new innovative TD ESG ETFs that are providing investors with one of the lowest-cost ESG solutions in Canada.



In the past decade or so, exchange traded funds have been transformed from obscure institutional trading vehicles to extraordinarily popular investment tools. They now dominate the investing landscape with over 2,000 products available and have empowered investors and traders as never before, enabling them to build highly effective portfolios. Yet there's more to the ETF universe than investors and traders may even know.’s roster of top ETF and ETF-trading experts can show you how to use ETFs to achieve peak results. From factor ETFs to leveraged ETFs to smart-beta ETFs to buffered ETFs, learn how you can use ETFs to effectively transform your own portfolio.

ETFs can provide a cost-effective way to get into areas of the market that are poised to deliver results. Simple portfolio rotation can meet the goals of solid performance with few trades, little time and effort spent analyzing ETFs, and confidence from side-stepping huge drawdowns. Learn proven ETF-trading strategies from some of the top professional traders in the country who consistently achieve stellar results. More than just the very best in ETF picks, you’ll take away real, practical knowledge about how to recognize the best growth, income, and value opportunities, choose the right sectors and asset classes, and know when (and precisely how) to rotate ETF holdings for optimum results through every economic and market cycle.

Whether you are a seasoned ETF investor or just starting to get your feet wet, you can get actionable advice from some of the top names in the industry here.