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About Dynasty Wealth Investing

Dynasty Wealth (DW) via its BullsNBears.com has a suite of proprietary product offerings which enable an investor to protect and also grow his or her assets in volatile and declining markets.   

Dynasty Wealth’s core expertise is to:

• Develop and manage algorithms to trend trade long and short ETFs

• Identify $10,000 per startup investment opportunities which have the potential to multiply by 10 to 100 times within five years

The bottom line is our algorithms produce the cash flow to be utilized to finance a startups portfolio to build dynasty wealth.  

Dynasty Wealth Investing's Articles

Sponsored Content - At February 11, 2021, the “Buffet Indicator”, created by legendary investor Warren Buffet, indicated that the US stock market was “Strongly Overvalued”. The indicator corroborates Michael Markowski’s recent stock market at “Perilous Peak” research finding. The Buffet Indicator’s 2000, reading, an all-time at the time, coincided with the prior Perilous Peak discovered by Markowski which also occurred in 2000.
Sponsored Content - The BBT Algorithm, which trades long and short S&P 500 ETFs; SPY and SH, was 100% accurate in predicting the direction of the world’s two most volatile elections.
Sponsored Content - Based on new empirical research findings, the Dow Jones 30 (Dow) Composite Index is likely to soon peak and begin a steady decline to new lows in 2020 or 2021.

Dynasty Wealth Investing's Videos

There have been thousands of record highs for the S&P 500 since its inception. Only four possessed the recently discovered DNA of a Perilous Peak: 1881, 1929, 2000, and 2021. The stars of this presentation are Michael Markowski's patentable algorithms which have a track record for identifying extreme highs and bottoms for stocks and the market. One was utilized to predict the collapses of Lehman, Bear Stearns, and Merrill Lynch in his September 2007, Equities Magazine article. What will also be covered is the Greed Accelerator, an element of the DNA which has preceded the four Perilous Peaks and must occur before a record high can become a Perilous Peak. Due to secular bull market highs and secular bear births coinciding with all prior Perilous Peaks, part two of the presentation will be devoted to AlphaTack's strategies which can be effectuated to enable a portfolio to grow throughout a secular bear market.
Join Michael Markowski, as he discusses why the Coronavirus has reduced risk, increased upside, and accelerated liquidity event timetables for startups which have already or will benefit from the pandemic and the structural changes to the economy caused by it.
Michael Markowski will provide details about two algorithms which are both indicating that the market will soon reverse and will reach lower lows in 2021. He will also cover a third algorithm which has produced significant profits consistently to trade index ETFs while taking less risk over last 12 months. Finally, Mr. Markowski will explain why the eight algorithms that he has developed throughout his 43-year career are the centerpieces for a multiple number of alpha-generating bear market and recession investing strategies which he will also cover.
This "Profiting from a Secular Bear Market" presentation is a follow-up to Michael Markowski's February 2020 Money Show workshop and video entitled, "Secular Bulls and Bears: Each Require Different Investing Strategies." February's attendees learned why the onset of the 9th secular bear market since 1802 was inevitable and will last a minimum of eight years. This July 2020 workshop will cover the capital appreciation and cash flow producing investment strategies and vehicles that can be successfully utilized during the 2020-2028 secular bear.