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About Turner Capital Investments

Turner Capital Investments, LLC, is a registered investment advisory with the primary objective of generating strong client profits in bull markets and keeping them from major losses in bear markets. Our approach is “market-directional”; we use our proprietary algorithms to determine exactly when uptrends begin, when those uptrends will end, and when new downtrends have been identified. We are bullish in bull markets, go to cash in neutral markets, and are bearish in bear markets.

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You read that correctly. Turner Capital Investments uses four ETFs in bull markets, four ETFs in bear markets, and invest their client monies to be profitable in both bull and bear markets. The key is knowing where the market is and investing to take advantage of the current trends. Mike Turner will show you how the company measures the markets, so they'll always be on the right side in every market condition.
There are thousands of ETFs out there, how can you know which is the best one to invest in now? The answer is to always be on the right side of the market. In this presentation, Turner Capital Investments will show you how they constantly measure the markets and strategically use leveraged ETFs to take advantage of both bull and bear markets.

The markets have had an incredible run in the past year, but things are changing. The S&P 500 and DJIA were just recently at new highs, but the market has begun selling off. Inflation is in the headlines and the professional investment community is showing signs of worry. Even the easy money in Bitcoin has dried up with the huge selloffs in the cryptocurrencies.

We all know this bull market cannot continue indefinitely and a small correction can turn into a bear market at any time. Can you afford to lose 50% or more of your investments in the next major bear market? As an accredited investor, why would you rely on the same buy-and-hold nonsense that most financial advisors push?

Maybe you have heard of quantitative analysis systems that have the ability to switch from a bullish investment strategy into a bearish investment strategy right along with the market. That's what Turner Capital Investments does. Spend 30 minutes with Mike Turner and he will show you one of the more successful, rules-based, quantitative analysis strategies that you can take advantage of right now, before the next bear market gets well underway.

His unique approach to positioning capital to be in sync with the market allows us to grow client capital no matter whether the markets are moving higher or moving lower. During this presentation, Mr. Turner will show you how he uses these algorithms and rules-based investing to be on the right side of the market at all times and that includes BOTH bull and bear markets. There's no reason you can't make money during bear markets just as you do during bull markets.

After the presentation has ended, you can join him for a special Zoom conference during which he will answer your questions about how to always be on the right side of the market and take advantage of both bull and bear markets.

Everyone knows that the last half of 2020 and first half of 2021 have been fantastic for stock market investors. But what are you going to do when the market turns bearish? And how will you even know it's turning bearish before you lose a lot of money?

Turner Capital Investments clients don't have to worry about this. The Market-Directional investing developed by Mike Turner is designed to take advantage of every market condition, bullish or bearish. Market-Directional investing uses advanced math and computer algorithms to measure the market and invest in the strongest stocks to take advantage of the current market condition. There's no guessing.

During this special presentation, Mr. Turner will show you how stay on the right side of the market, no matter which direction the market is heading. You'll learn how to remove emotion from your investing decisions by implementing the strong, rules-based procedures that he has developed over the past two decades.

If you're ready to become a more successful investor and learn how to make money in both bull and bear markets, you won't want to miss this presentation.


To understand what makes Turner Capital different, it is worthwhile to know what is common among most investment advisors and money managers. You may have some personal experience with these types of advisors.
Trading decisions for all of our portfolios are made by Mike Turner, Turner Capital Investments President and Chief Trading Strategist. Each strategy utilizes our proprietary market and equity analysis algorithms, but each strategy has unique elements that impact the capital and risk objectives.

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