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The derivatives markets have exploded in popularity, trading volume, and complexity over the years, providing more investing and trading choices than ever before. Whether making a directional bet, volatility play, or hedging risk, derivatives allow you to calibrate every position to maximize profit and minimize risk. Learn powerful analysis methods, diverse trade set-ups, and execution techniques from top professional investors and traders.

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The Santa Claus rally period always covers the last five trading days of the year and the first two of the new year and they could indicate what’s to come in 2023, notes Bob Lang of ExplosiveOptions.net.
Three bullish things are happening for gold, suggests Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter — and a participant in the Money, Metals & Mining Virtual Expo, streaming live on December 6-7. Register here for free.
It’s always a good idea to keep your eye on the big picture for gold, suggests Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, editors of The Aden Forecast — and participants in the Money, Metals & Mining Virtual Expo, streaming live on December 6-7. Register here for free.
Silver and gold have both broken out of their doldrums; I’m cautious, but increasingly optimistic, suggests Peter Krauth, editor of Silver Stock Investor — and a participant in the Money, Metals & Mining Virtual Expo, streaming live on December 6-7. Register here for free.
Three bullish things are happening for gold, suggests Sean Brodrick, editor of Wealth Megatrends — and a participant in the Money, Metals & Mining Virtual Expo, streaming live on December 6-7. Register here for free.
Alan Ellman of The Blue Collar Investor answers a question coming from a viewer about when to enter your covered call trade.
A recent favorable report of a cooling in the annual Consumer Price Index to 7.7% sent stocks soaring, with the 14th biggest one-day gain in the Nasdaq Index’s 51-year history, recalls Jim Stack, money manager, market historian and editor of InvesTech Research.
Holiday sessions like this week have a naturally bullish bias. That's because the joy of Thanksgiving typically leaks over to higher stock prices, states Steve Reitmeister of Reitmeister Total Return.
Is there a better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday than a sell-off in oil? Selling oil around Thanksgiving is becoming an ingrained tradition almost as sacred as football and turkey, states Phil Flynn of PRICE Futures Group.
Last week I reiterated that indices would maintain their gains by repeating the July action, states Ashraf Laidi of AshrafLaidi.com.

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Our buy-and-hold portfolios in non-sheltered accounts are generating 8-10% per year. Can we increase these yields by selling stock options while, at the same time, dramatically decreasing the probability of our shares being sold to avoid potential tax implications? The answer is a resounding yes. Portfolio Overwriting is a strategy that can benefit millions of investors seeking to enhance portfolio returns using a low-risk covered call writing-like strategy.

T. Rowe Price's Asset Allocation Committee remains cautious on risk assets, but has sentiment gotten too negative? Sebastien rarely saw such a glum mood on Wall Street. He will explain where they are already seeing pockets of opportunity.

Profitable Options trading is all about the right timing. Get in too early and you risk paying too much, getting out too late and you give back all your profits. The best options trading strategy gives you; an accurate prediction of a stock move before it happens so you can get in before the herd, and the exact timing and duration of this stock move so you can pick the right entry and exit and potentially double your investment every time.

In his keynote presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will demo how to time your options trades to potentially make 100%+ ROI every time with this one strategy. After this session, you will have all the step-by-step instructions to start trading Mr. Choi's strategy right away.

This is a must-have for serious options traders.

We'll be sharing a few simple steps that you can take during today's market towards taking control of your finances and obtaining the kind of lifestyle you desire. During this webinar, we plan to share how to set personal financial goals, determine where you are today and where you want to be in the future, how to establish a very clear "why" around the vision for yourself and your financial future, and how best to evaluate income streams that align with your "why" so you can gain greater control over your cash flow, all in five simple steps!

BONUS WORKSHEET, for all those that do attend our webinar, you will receive a free personal financial worksheet to help you with the five simple steps.

Research Affiliates' CIO of multi-asset strategies, Jim Masturzo discusses the current market environment, explains how we got here, and more importantly assesses how markets are set up for the future. Is 2022 a harbinger of market conditions in 2023, or an anomaly? In his 30-minute session, Jim puts current asset valuations into perspective and offers his views on how investors should think about their tactical asset allocations for the future.
Soaring inflation and rapidly increasing interest rates have meant that savvy investors owning stock, bonds and properties are looking for ways to protect their portfolios from further economic hardship. In this presentation, GoldCore Director Dave Russell will explain why gold's 5,000-year-old credentials means it remains a pillar investment for astute investors and how an allocation to physical gold in your portfolio can help to weather economic storms.

The intersection of the annual seasonal pattern and the four-year cycle produces the quadrennial "sweet spot." 2022 is setting up for a prototypical mid-term bottom hitting its low point in late Q3 or early Q4 in the August-October period, just ahead of the mid-term elections. Jeffrey Hirsch will show you how to capitalize on the "sweet spot" and the next bull market rally. The usual loss of Congressional seats by the incumbent President's party in the mid-term election has the potential to create the best political alignment scenario: Democratic President and Republican Congress. This combo has produced the best market gains averaging yearly gains of 16.4% for DJIA. Get Jeff's top stock picks, ETF sector rotation trades, and his best months seasonal MACD buy signal.

Volatility and traditional diversification have crushed most portfolios this year, but it doesn't have to be that way in 2023. Fourteen years ago, we made our name helping investors of all sizes take advantage of the 2008 recession using sophisticated, short-term trading strategies. Advances in technology now allow our clients' accounts to be autotraded alongside our own, ensuring we all realize the exact same results on every trade. Best of all, all four of our programs are delivering stellar results, with our most popular program up +69% in verified gains YTD.

Join former public tech company CEO, Scott Andrews, and see if an institutional quality autotrading program might be a fit for you and your portfolio.

A world-class comprehensive option-focused platform that brings together options traders of all levels to network, learn, grow, and profit. This newly launched platform is a game-changer for the industry with its vast offering of capabilities and tools. Come see why users are saying Option Circle has built quite a comprehensive platform for beginners, and intermediate to advanced traders to learn Options Trading and benefit during any market conditions. Hear from the founder, Shishu Bedi, and see the platform in action.
Big institutions have dominated trading for decades with their Big Data capability. However, with better access to data and strategies, retail traders are now on a levelled playing field. In his keynote presentation, Mr. Choi will share with you an aggressive data-driven options strategy that can power through the current hyperinflation environment. Mr. Choi will walk you through his strategy from data mining to entry and exit, and how to structure options to potentially double your investment on each trade. This session is specifically for quantitative-minded retail traders looking for an aggressive short/medium term options strategy. (Pre-requisite: basic/intermediate options)



The growth of financial futures has been one of the most remarkable success stories in the markets. Their age is relatively green at just a little over 50 years old. Originally created to help farmers hedge against price changes between crop planting and harvesting, futures have grown since then to include interest rates, foreign exchange, metals, energy, weather, and even Bitcoin.

Whether trading agricultural commodities, energy futures, metals, stock indexes, or even the softs; futures provide the best bang for your buck. But leverage is a two-sided blade. In this section, MoneyShow.com trading experts provide a deep dive into the current futures market activity and price action to help you find ways to strengthen your portfolio, while mitigating risk and exploiting opportunities in these diverse markets.

Discover unique and critical futures trading strategies to help you generate more consistent profits and better manage your portfolio risk. From in-depth futures market economics to spread trading, you will take away new knowledge to help you better identify trading opportunities. Our contributors will share with you their time-tested commodities investing strategies and futures trading strategies. The insights you will learn will help you in your investing or trading with market intelligence that you cannot find elsewhere.

At the same time, the opportunities now available to individual traders in the option arena are astounding, having exploded in volume and complexity in recent years, offering option traders the ability to trade, hedge, or speculate in just about any stock, ETF, or commodity.

Our goal in these pages is to start you down the path of options trading and help you avoid many of the pitfalls that beginning options traders experience. Some of the top names in trading will familiarize you with options—what they are, how they work, and what opportunities they present. You’ll learn practical knowledge about when it is appropriate to buy/sell puts or calls, covered-call writing strategies, and advice on when to use each of these strategies. More experienced traders will learn profitable options trading strategies to help you make more money and better manage your portfolio risk.