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Dan Sullivan is the editor of The Chartist, a stock market newsletter he began publishing in 1969, which is one of the very few advisory services that actually buys and sells the stocks it recommends. The Chartist Actual Cash Account belongs to a member of the Sullivan family and is featured on the front page of every edition of The Chartist. He advocates buying stocks that are already moving up rather than buying stocks at their absolute lows and then waiting for them to move. Using the same methodology, Mr. Sullivan launched a second monthly newsletter, The Chartist Mutual Fund Letter, targeted to mutual fund investors in 1988.

Dan's Articles

In our opinion, the main concern that the market has to deal with going forward is inflation. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell’s recent comments that it was transitory are becoming increasingly more suspect, notes technician and relative strength specialist Dan Sullivan, editor of The Chartist.
Our advice for investors is to stay fully invested; the major averages continue to trade near record highs as inflation concerns have tapered for the time being and second-quarter earnings have been strong, asserts Dan Sullivan, technical expert and editor of The Chartist.
The Fed maintains that the jump in consumer prices is temporary due to the pent-up demand caused by the pandemic, notes Dan Sullivan, editor of The Chartist.
Last month, our Actual Cash Account topped the $2 million mark for the first time in its history stretching back to August of 1988 when it as funded with $100,000. Since our last issue, this real money account has gained an additional $112,195, observes Dan Sullivan, editor of The Chartist Mutual Fund Letter.

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Dan Sullivan’s investment strategy is dictated by an iron-clad discipline: profits are allowed to run, losses are quickly cut. And, he uses relative strength for his stock selection process.

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