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Todd Sullivan is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first business in 1986 at the age of 18. Since then, he has been involved in entrepreneurial businesses either as an investor, advisor, or founder/employee, his entire working life. Mr. Sullivan is currently the owner of ValuePlays and former general partner in Rand Strategic Partners a long/short hedge fund. In 2016, as cannabis was legalized in Massachusetts, he began to research the opportunity. After reviewing data on the undeniable positive societal impacts cannabis legalization made, Mr. Sullivan became convinced of the incredible long-term investment opportunity. He joined Cannapreneur in 2019 as an investor and his group quickly became the largest outside shareholder of the company. In 2020 Mr. Sullivan joined the company in a permanent role.

Todd's Videos

The east coast expansion is accelerating with NY, NJ, CT, and Rhode Island legalizing adult-use cannabis sales within the past year. Home to 40% of the US population, the east coast will be a significant driver of US cannabis growth for the next several years. Along with this growth has come the emergence of brands and brand specific M&A. Cannapreneur will walk you through this expansion and detail how brands are becoming increasingly valuable on the east coast.

As cannabis legalization expands, Cannapreneur will explore the emerging east coast market and how we are building a vertically integrated cannabis company using our founders' first cannabis liquidity event as a roadmap.
Todd Sullivan from Cannaprenuer Partners, and Ray Sedlacek, Retail Manager for Joint Operations, a veteran owned and operated dispensary in Massachusetts, will discuss the cannabis industry specific challenges and hurdles entrepreneurs must overcome to succeed.
Cannapreneur's Todd Sullivan will discuss the rapidly emerging East Coast cannabis market and detail how Cannapreneur is building a multi-state vertically integrated cannabis company using its founder's recent $110M+ cannabis exit as a roadmap.