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About Omar

Omar Ayales is the chief market strategist and trader at Gold Charts R Us, a weekly trading service that achieves gains by trading stocks, bonds, and commodities. Mr. Ayales is an active student of the market and uses correlated technical analysis to guide him through his winning trades. Gold Charts R Us has provided its members with cutting-edge technical insight allowing double- and triple-digit gains in trades, year after year, for over 20 years.

Omar's Articles

Inflation is here to stay as economic data continues to show signs inflation could persist for longer as supply chain constraints ease out, asserts Omar Ayales, editor of Gold Charts R Us — and a participant in MoneyShow's Virtual Expo from November 30 to December 2. Register for free here.
The U.S. senate passed a bi-partisan bill spending billions of dollars in physical infrastructure; not surprisingly, resource stocks rose with strength with the spending announcement, observes Omar Ayales, resource sector expert and editor of Gold Charts R Us.
The gold universe show growing signs of renewed strength, suggests technical expert Omar Ayales, editor of Gold Charts R Us — and a participant in MoneyShow's Metals & Mining Virtual Event on April 20-22. Register for free here.
Uranium has been one of the top performing assets recently. Demand spiked just after we picked up some positions in NexGen Energy (NXE) and Uranium Royalty Corp. (Vancouver: URC), suggests Omar Ayales, resource sector specialist and editor of Gold Charts R Us.

Omar's Videos

We are in uncharted waters, and Mary Anne Aden, Pamela Aden, and Omar Ayales are joining the MoneyShow Virtual Expo to explain why! Is inflation here to stay? Will bitcoin replace gold? Is gold headed much higher? How will the stock market bubble end? And, most importantly, what in the world should you invest in now? Tune in to this panel to learn and discuss how all of this affects you and your investments.
This panel of top experts will share their outlooks for inflation, the US dollar, and the role they will play in the global economy. They will also discuss how the current condition is being fueled by the Fed and why, as well as share the best investments to buy to take advantage of the boom they see coming in commodities and why. Additionally, they will cover which trades are best for the current market conditions, along with specific recommendations. Lastly, they will explore stocks and how they will fare in this environment.

Gold, silver, and mining stocks had a spectacular performance in 2020, and it seems like they'll do even better in 2021, with a tidal wave of new stimulus spending flooding the economy. But is the story really that simple? Our panel of experts will pinpoint some potential pitfalls—and profit centers—that most will miss this year.
One of the most important events in 2020 was the breakdown of the US dollar. It's fueling bull markets in all sort of asset classes, most notably resources and precious metals. Unlike any other moment in history, the destruction of the US dollar is being advertised and promoted by everyone. It's not only the Federal Reserve keeping rates low for longer and easy policies, but also central government fighting for who can spend the most! The amount of liquidity in main street combined with developing strength from an inevitable global economic recovery is already rattling inflation expectations. It pushed copper and resources to multi-year highs, and it is being supportive of gold's secular bull market. In Omar Ayales' presentation he will explore the investment trends that are shaping in 2021. We will go on a chart-walk around the world and review dollar weakness and show where global currencies stand. We will look at the secular bull market in resources that broke out in 2020 and what lies for gold as the world commits to currency destruction.

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