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About Nancy

Nancy Zambell is the chief analyst of Wall Street's Best Digest and editor-in-chief of Financial Freedom Federation Magazine, part of the Cabot Wealth Network group of financial advisories. She honed her investment analysis skills and made a name for herself as a securities analyst in the brokerage industry. Ms. Zambell conceived her investment/financial blog to provide investors with sharp, unbiased analysis of the events that shape global economies, find new investment ideas, and learn the best techniques to manage their money for maximum profits. She is a lecturer and educator, volunteering her time and expertise to lead seminars for investors around the country, and has been widely published in the national media.

Nancy's Articles

I chose Trivago N.V. (TRVG) was my Top Pick for 2021 at the start of the year. At that time, the shares were trading at $2.15; today, they are up 80%, notes Nancy Zambell, editor of Financial Freedom Daily.
Nancy Zambell of Financial Freedom Federation breaks down market conditions, analyst sentiment, and what one should do to maximize gains.
The economic hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic have led states to look for new avenues for revenue generation. This is causing states to push for more in-person and online wagering options for sports fans, observes Nancy Zambell, editor of Financial Freedom Federation.
Technology is always evolving, and smart investors can take advantage of the changes. But if you’ve already been through the dot-com bust and the 2008/2009 economic collapse, it’s understandable that you might be wary of “new” technology, like 5G, explains Nancy Zambell, editor of Financial Freedom Federation.

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Nancy Zambell and Kelley Wright discuss the dangers of picking market tops.

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Nancy Zambell

Make Money Buying and Selling Stocks: The Cabot Wealth Introduction to Investing

In Make Money Buying and Selling Stocks, renowned stock market analyst and investing coach Nancy Zambell, Chief Analyst of Wall Street’s Best Investments, has put together a practical and concise guide to stock market investing. Her latest book is written to help new investors, or those who want to become investors, become familiar with the range of i

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