Oliver Velez

Chief Trading Officer and CEO,


  • Inaugural Keynote Speaker at 1st TradersEXPO
  • International Bestselling Author
  • World-Renowned Trader & Entrepreneur

About Oliver

Oliver L. Velez, inaugural keynote speaker of the 1st TradersEXPO, international bestselling author, world-renowned trader, and entrepreneur is one of the world's most respected and celebrated traders of all time. In 1999, Dow Jones dubbed him The Messiah of Trading. Today, in 2020, he continues to be defined as one of the most influential leaders of his generation. Building on his unmatched track record as the only individual invited back as a keynote speaker three times over the last several decades, his legacy of stardom extends beyond the trading world. There may be many opportunities presented to you at MoneyShow, but no other will be conducted by one of the top trading minds of all time. Don't miss these!

Oliver's Articles

Oliver Velez explains the "twin tower" set-up, which can accurately predict market bottoms and create an opportunity where it actually pays to go "all in" to maximize profit potential.
Oliver Velez discusses seasonal factors that can help traders make more confident trading decisions in these highly volatile markets and which three months are the best (and worst) for shorter-term trading.
Veteran traders have settled upon a specific strategy and have made minor adjustments in response to ever-changing market conditions. Oliver Velez tells how he’s adapted over the years.
The US dollar strongly impacts traders in a variety of other markets, and Oliver Velez explains that dollar weakness is creating lucrative long-term trades in metals like gold and silver.

Oliver's Videos

There is a radical difference in the opinion among investors and traders about the viability of buying on the way down. The outcome is effective when the stock rebounds because it has the effect of magnifying gains but if the stock continues to decline, losses are also magnified. The key, of course, is knowing when. Let Oliver Velez, bestselling author, world renowned speaker, and the industry's number one rated educator, demonstrate precisely how the world's most astute investors successfully used this strategy to great success.
No time in history, has the digital form of a product remained lower in price than its analog counterpart. Bitcoin is no exception. It should ultimately be valued at 10x or more the value of gold. The way the world economy is behaving, these types of digital currency are destined to take the place of previous fiat currencies. Let Oliver Velez, master trader, educator, and best-selling author, show you how those who decide to keep using traditional forms of currency, are destined to observe how those of us who decide to bet on the future prosper. Don't miss this one!