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Transformation at Xerox

Tickers: XRX

David Fried develops model portfolios based exclusively on stocks undergoing corporate buyback or repurchase programs; here, the editor of The…


2 Key Traits of Successful Traders

Citing a number of sources for support, Brett Steenbarger, PhD, of, emphasizes the importance of passion and persistence in…


Geothermal Gains in the Phillippines

Tickers: EGDCY

Of all the countries we cover, the Philippines has the best outlook, with more than 6% GDP growth forecast for 2015 and 2016, coupled with low…


EOG: Primed for a Rally with Crude

Tickers: EOG

Investors and traders have bet against rising oil prices due to reports that said global oil production will remain high during 2016, which is…


McDonald's: Yielding Value

Tickers: MCD

If I had to choose just one factor as the key to investment success, it would be the ability to recognize and appreciate good value, explains Kelley…


3M Company: 98 Years of Dividends

Tickers: MMM

Our latest featured recommendation combines one of the most durable dividends in America with a dynamic growth strategy, explains Pat McKeough,…


VVIX Is Normal

Tickers: VIX, VVX, VVIX

Option trader Mark Sebastian, of, discusses the seriously bullish trends he saw on Monday and illustrates that it's important for…


PayPal, Payments, and Profits

Tickers: PYPL, V, MA

Our latest recommendation is a familiar name for users of the Internet's leading payment system, observes Nicholas Vardy, editor of The Alpha Investor…