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Gold: Technical Breakout?

Tickers: GLD, GDX

Gold prices have been under pressure since August of 2011; technically speaking, I now believe gold has finally bottomed, suggests Joon…


Blue Chip Expert's Lucky 13

Tickers: ABT, T, BAX, CVS, CVX

When it comes to blue chips, income investing Kelley Wright is the expert’s expert. Each year, he offers a Lucky 13 Portfolio.…


Equity Bear Knocks Three Times

Tickers: SPX

Charting the S&P 500 index, the staff at Trading On The Mark, highlights three times—over the past two years—that…


Weak Stocks in a Weak Sector

Tickers: KRE, XLF, ZION, SKF

The financial sector has been under pressure since the last day of 2014 and the regional bank stocks have been hit the hardest, so MoneyShow’s…