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Short Selling and Covered Call Writing

Tickers: AMBA

Alan Ellman, of, highlights one of the issues that can impact an option position being held; short selling. Alan outlines…


Should You Add Netflix to Your List?

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Despite the fact that these two stocks are not comparable and both represent opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to valuation, given Carl…


Where Should You Place Your Stops?

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Villere: A View on Value

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George Young, portfolio manager at Villere & Co., is a long-term value-oriented investor, focusing on just 20 to 25 favorite investments. Here,…


Breakouts in Homebuilding

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Leo Fasciocco, editor of the Ticker Tape Digest, specializes in finding stocks poised to break out of longer-term trading ranges. Here, he looks…


WestJet: Canadian Airline Flies High

Tickers: WJA.TO, WJAVF

With headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, this value investing recommendation is one of the leading airlines in Canada, suggests J. Royden Ward, editor…