David Keller, CMT

Chief Market Strategist,

  • Author, Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis
  • Former Managing Director of Research, Fidelity
  • Past President, CMT Association

About David

David Keller, CMT is chief market strategist at and president of Sierra Alpha Research, LLC, where he helps investors minimize behavioral biases through technical analysis. Mr. Keller is a past president of the CMT Association and was formerly a managing director of research at Fidelity Investments. You can follow his thinking at

David's Videos

Pilots are taught to use a checklist for every process performed in the cockpit, allowing them to minimize emotional reactions and focus on the evidence. Investors should use the same approach to improve consistency and inject more discipline into the investment process! In this session, Mr. Keller will share his own technical analysis checklist and use current market examples to demonstrate how investors can maximize returns, minimize behavioural biases, and better manage downside risk.

Join this lively discussion as Julius de Kempenaer and David Keller review the key sector themes you should follow between now and the end of the year. They will use RRG charts to visualize sector rotation, analyze industry charts to confirm areas of strength and weakness, and leverage scanning tools to identify long and short opportunities. Don't miss this chance to upgrade your sector rotation playbook!
Confirmation bias is often the most frustrating behavioral bias of them all! From novice investors to seasoned professionals, no one is immune from its potentially devastating impact on your portfolios. In this session, David Keller will define confirmation bias and discuss how to detect telltale signs in your investment process. We'll also review the charts and tools that can help minimize confirmation bias and describe how mindful investors find success by focusing on the evidence! Can your portfolio afford for you to not attend?
Mid-year is a perfect time to take step back, review your performance, and identify opportunities to improve your decision-making process. Mindful investors know that by taking time to celebrate wins, learn from losses, and upgrade routines they are making a solid investment in their future performance. Dave Keller, Chief Market Strategist,, will present the ten questions that every ETF investor should ask themselves this week, share some of his own lessons learned in the first half of 2021, and help you develop a game plan for the rest of the year!