Chris Belchamber

Co-Founder and CEO,

CB Investment Management

About Chris

Chris Belchamber has been an investment professional since 1984. His first investment book was published by Credit Suisse First Boston in 1988. Mr. Belchamber was recruited by JPMorgan in 1989 to run their UK sterling bond sales and trading and then focused on proprietary trading, where he was promoted to managing director. He presented JPMorgan's UK bond market's development paper, endorsed by Margaret Thatcher, to the Bank of England in 1989. Since relaunching his independent RIA, CB Investment Management, in December 2020, the company grew by 50% in the first 6 months. Mr. Belchamber's second book Invest Like The Best is already an Amazon Bestseller.

Chris's Videos

"Best Investor" principles, process, and practices have never been more essential. Top of the list is risk management. In this talk, Chris Belchamber, of CB Investment Management, will travel through macro instability, investment strategy, and then focus on how "Best Investor" risk management can be executed in real time.
This talk turns to common themes of the most successful investors as measured by multi-decade performance into standards for every investor to measure themselves by. These standards have multiple benefits and transform not only your performance and experience, but they can also change every investment decision you make. Get ready to be surprised by the clarity and simplicity of how the best investors resolve the universal confusion about risk and return. There may never be a more important time to be sure that you "Invest Like the Best."

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