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EMC: Riding the Data Wave

Tickers: EMC

"What is the world to do with all the data spilling out of our laptops and servers and mobile devices?" asks Linda McDonough in Smart…


All About Ceres

Though he cannot help traders with fertility or motherly relationships like Ceres, the goddess of agriculture in Roman mythology, Blake Robben…


American Capital: Pass-Through Profits

Tickers: AGNC

Our latest dividend-focused idea is a real estate investment trust that invests in residential mortgage pass-through securities and collateralized…


Money Management Is All About Lifestyle

For Jim Farrish, on Jim's Notes, money management is about lifestyle not just trading or investing, so he suggests that instead of looking for…


European Trio for Long-Term Value

Tickers: DSX, ORAN, AEG

Contrarian investor Benj Gallander sees long-term value in select European shares; here the editor of Contra the Heard looks at a Greek shipping…


M&A Boost Outlook on Brokers

Tickers: EVR, LAZ, LPLA, MS, RJF

S&P Capital IQ has a positive fundamental outlook on the investment banking and brokerage sub-industry for the next twelve months, explains Kenneth…


Hospitality: Rest Stops and REITs

Tickers: HPT

Whether by planes, trains, or automobiles, last year Americans took roughly 1.7 billion leisure trips and 450 million business trips domestically,…


5 Reasons to Buy the Transports

Tickers: IYT

Two weeks ago, Greg Harmon, of Dragonfly Capital, posed the question, "What will happen to the market if the transports turn higher?"…


A.O. Smith: Go with the Flow

Tickers: AOS

If pressed to single out the greatest challenge faced by mankind, I expect most people would cite something related to water, suggests Tyler Laundon,…