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New Momentum Lows

Tickers: EUR-USD

Since the S&P 500 E-Mini Futures found structural lows and have been making a swing to the upside, Christopher Terry, of,…


Options—Picture This

Tickers: BABA

By showcasing their use in a specific trade, options instructor Russ Allen, of Online Trading Academy, demonstrates the benefits…


United Continental: Flying High

Tickers: UAL, SPX

Our latest featured breakout stock is part of the strong acting airline sector, which is benefiting from lower oil prices as well as various price…


Income from Government Properties

Tickers: GOV

We’ve found a REIT that meets our criteria for income and safety; it yields over 7% and just might offer the safest, most secure yield in the REIT…


The Patience Quotient

Gabe Velazquez, of Online Trading Academy, discusses the two challenges that traders must learn to overcome; a lack of patience…


The Swiss Decision Could Hurt Japan

Shock waves tied to the SNB’s decision to float their exchange rate with the euro may have long-term implications for Japan’s economic recovery…


Buy Apple on an Earning's Miss

Tickers: AAPL, QQQ, MSFT, PG

A lot of focus is on this tech behemoth that reports earnings after the close today, so MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray uses multiple time…


Shun Tak: Gamble on Macau

Tickers: HK:242

For those comfortable buying on the Hong Kong stock exchange, this featured recommendation is a holding company focused on the gambling territory…