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The Death of the Flow Trader

John Forman, of The Essentials of Trading, explains how electronic trading has reduced the amount of information sharing now taking…


Two Picks to Buy on the Dip

Tickers: SPY, ITB, LEN, TOL

The home construction stocks had a dramatic turnaround in February, so MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray takes to the charts to see if any…


Trading Inside Day False Breakouts

Candle patterns can give visual insight into market psychology and suggest changes in sentiment, which is useful in finding market reversals. Nick…


6 Ways to Make Better Options Trades

Tickers: QQQ

While these steps can be applied to any market and time frame, they are not intended to be used by themselves, but can help you avoid buying really…


A Cautionary Tale for Traders

Economist John Maynard Keynes famously said that markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent, so Joe Fahmy


Contango: 3 Storage Plays

Tickers: TNK, TSO, EOG

A contango—such as we are now seeing—is when the current cash price of oil is lower than the projected price for a date in the future,…


New Top Team Boosts Imperva

Tickers: IMPV

While short-term focused traders want instant gratification every quarter, the small-cap recommendation is way more concentrated on the long-term—getting…


When to Trade What

Tickers: QQQ

Successful traders know that understanding the market dynamics during various times of the day is a very important component of profitable trading,…


Has the Switch Been Turned?

MoneyShow’s Jim Jubak highlights how it seems like central banks are going to be supporting the markets again, and as a result,…